Ultimate Personal Privacy Pack - Stealth Level Six

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What you get

  • IntactPhone Arcane - octa-core privacy-first smartphone
  • Keezel - powerful portable firewall that fits in your pocket
  • An Anonymous Sim Card
  • Silent Pocket signal-blocking smartphone sleeve (medium)

IntactPhone Arcane - signature octa-core smartphone 

Superior, security-hardened mobile device

  • Made by CommuniTake - privacy pioneers
  • Secure boot - preventing false commands and security backdoors
  • IntactOS - custom-built, security-rich OS, free of bloatware, hooks to carriers and leaky data
  • Secure comms - encrypts voice calls through ZRTP, end-to-end messaging and encryption
  • Flexible comms - run on any network including 2G, GSM, 3G, UMTS-CDMA and LTE

Keezel portable firewall

Award-winning privacy in your pocket

  • Keeps intruders away from your connected devices
  • VPN encryption covers your privacy and security
  • Phishing filters protect you from account theft when surfing online
  • Adblocking improves your browsing experience and lowers risk of malware infections
  • Battery lasts 20 hours and can even charge your phone as a powerbank

Anonymous SIM card

Freedom in the shape of a SIM 

  • Comes pre-activated and pre-secured
  • No throttle down, no filtering
  • No expiry date on data use
  • Data valid in 100+ countries
  • Refill and balance check with Ncryptcellular 

Silent pocket signal-blocking sleeve

High-tech shield for your smartphone (like something out of a spy film)

  • Stay off the grid without having to leave the grid
  • Patented faraday cage technology
  • blocks cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMR and EMC signals
  • Anti-radiation
  • Soft, durable, stylish case


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