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Keezel portable firewall

Award-winning security in your pocket

Keezel offers several layers of privacy and security measures to keep you safe on any WiFi network you want to use. Connect your Keezel to a nearby WiFi and protect yourself in hotels, airports, coffee shops, co-working spaces and even at home.

Keezel is compatible with any WiFi device, like your Android phone, iPhone, laptop, desktop, tablet and more.

Smart technology. Simple to Use.

  • Keezel firewall keeps intruders away from your connected devices.
  • VPN encryption covers your privacy and security.
  • Phishing filters protect you from account theft when surfing online.
  • Adblocking improves your browsing experience and lowers risk of malware infections.
  • Keezel’s battery lasts 20 hours and can even charge your phone as a powerbank.


  • GTIN: 855017008057


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