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Our mobile FLASHING service protects your data and preserves your budget

Top-tier privacy, security and innovation in a flash 

Secure mobile operating systems can be yours with necessarily investing in a pre-built privacy-first smartphone and NCrypt can take care of it for you with what’s known as ‘flashing’. 

Simply send us your old, existing or recently purchased mainstream smartphone and we ‘flash’ it so that it runs on a new, completely secure operating system such as Graphene OS or the /e/ OS and ecosystem. Our skill and accumulated experience allows our technicians to replace your existing operating system with one that offers you privacy, security and peace of mind. We will then send you back your phone, fully operational allowing you to get on with your work, business and life, full of confidence in the protection these operating systems provide.

The upside of flashing your smartphone with NCrypt is obvious: you can access the latest in world-class mobile privacy and security at a comparatively low cost – allowing you to hold off on purchasing a brand new new privacy-first handset until you’re ready to take that next step.  

Feel free to contact us directly for more information on products and services that protect your privacy.


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