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E OS is a de-googled OS; a watertight software environment with all the backdoors closed. Your data is assumed as sacred and never monitored - not on the cloud, not on the phone. Where you go, what you do and who you do it with is nobody’s business — not even ours.

We have a range of refurbished phones offering the e OS as we are concerned about the amount of e-waste currently being generated and would like to reduce the footprint of damage to the environment. We also offer e on a range of brand-new handsets and if you already own a supported device, we offer a mail-in service that is backed by a service agreement and access to our support line.

We don’t scan your data on your phone or in the cloud, we don’t track your location a hundred times a day, we don’t collect what you’re doing with your apps. We never will.

Announcing premium grade refurbished smartphones with /e/!

Why refurbished? We want to provide an easy and quick way to join the /e/ family, we know smartphones are expensive and reusing smartphones is an amazing way of reducing our impact on the environment. We partner with select providers to offer the highest-grade refurbished smartphones, and you get a “like new” experience at a reduced price.

Our smartphones will only be Grade A (best-refurbished quality), unlocked for all carriers, with 1-year warranty, and of course pre-installed with the latest /e/OS.

Samsung S8

With its beautiful and modern design, the deGoogled Samsung Galaxy S8 is an outstanding phone with a large screen and great colour rendition. Its 12MP camera, also allows you to take great photos everywhere you go.

Samsung S8+

The Samsung S8+ is a smartphone with plenty of performance power. Utilising a Super AMOLED display, this smooth-running phone delivers crystal clear images and videos, with 64GB of storage for all your content. Its lightweight design and sleek dimensions ensure it'll slip in any pocket with ease, while a host of useful features make it an indispensable accessory you'll never be without.

Your smartphone is delivered with all the essentials you need:

  • Smartphone
  • Original USB charger
  • Original USB cable
  • SIM tray pin



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