Utility Faraday Bags

Utility Faraday Bags


Quick access Faraday Bag with external clear plastic window for evidence or identity tagging. Both sizes use durable waterproof nylon with quick roll down seal. Designed for all electronic devices in unsecured locations. Instantly block all wireless signal and make the device undetectable from remote wiping, tracking or tampering.

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Instantly Block Wireless Signal

Quick access Faraday Bag protection. Made of durable Waterproof Nylon

For Everyone

Designed for law enforcement and forensic investigators to protect and ensure digital evidence doesn’t get tampered. Now utilised by all walks of life including military, government, law enforcement, corporations, lawyers, journalists and travellers.

Many Uses

When a electronic device is placed in our utility bag, it is protected from hacking, tracking, data extraction, and data wiping. This utility bag ensures no one will be able to access to your device’s sensitive data, GPS location, microphone, and camera.


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