Sovereign OS

Sovereign OS


Sovereign OS is a an open source security / privacy based operating system for the latest generation of Pixel handsets.

The OS is 100% open source and completely free of Google services so that you know your data is not constantly being harvested by Google and governments

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Sovereign has been designed for the corporate user with data privacy and security in mind to protect your intellectual property and private communications.

The Sovereign OS running on the latest generation Pixel hardware is perfect for anyone who wants a balance of cutting edge technology and the piece of mind of a privacy based secure OS that is not harvesting your data and keeps your private information and communications safe and secure.

Completely free of google services but with all the functionality of a stock google handset, it wont leak any confidential data to Google or any other third party data harvesting services.

Sovereign is 100% open source and come with the Micro g suite pre-installed to give you an out of the box easy to use and simple to setup smartphone.

Need applications from the google playstore? But dont want google snooping on your downloads? Simple, we offer you two alternative app stores so you can always download that app you need at the click of a button.

Aurora Store store boasts a range of safe, secure open source applications.

Yalp store gives you the freedom to create fake google credentials and pull down applications from the google play store with ease.

Whether your a small, medium or large corporate enterprise then we have you covered with our Sovereign OS running on the latest generation Pixel hardware.

Its an OS that gives the corporate user peace of mind that their in control of their device unlike every other smartphone on the market that does not respect your companies privacy.

Even if your running mission critical applications that require Google services to function then we have you covered as all handsets come with the microG suite pre-installed to allow complete functionality of any application your corporate environment requires.


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